Our Services

Our Services

We provide various services which are geared to help your brand prosper.

Brand Activations

This is a strategy we use to not just increase the number of sales but to ensure that the customers know of the brand, increasing awareness and keeping customers involved and interested in the brand. It is also a strategy we use to create more meaningful rapports between the customer and the brand.


This is to create an in-store awareness of the brand on the shelf on a retail level to create a full interest of the customer to the brand and increase sales. Our ways of approach is through product, retail and visual and online merchandising.

Experiential Marketing

Experiential Marketing is a form of strategy used to get the customer to engage more physically with the brand which is created to get the customer to connect more with the brand, one of our goals is to create a way that the client can connect with a brand to create trust, and this can be through showcases and instore promotions which would make services to be shown live.

Online Promotions

One of the fastest growing marketing strategies has now been using VLOGS and influencers to create an awareness that can reach the masses with a figure that can sway the customers’ opinion of the brand. It is used to build an audience, increase sales and lead the young generation.

Road Shows

Red Banner Marketing uses this strategy to create a flair, easy going method to connect the customer and the brand nationally and internationally by reaching a target of audience within a certain timeline. This method is best to create new products for a new market and audience.

Product Training

Product knowledge has become one of the greatest tools to get our customers know more of a brand, this creates a great awareness, and the brand would potentially become the primary choice. We as Red Banner believe in the concept of “The more you know, the better your decisions”.

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